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Performing at E3 2012 with Kyle and Lara

E3 Photo

Playing at E3 2012 with Kyle and Lara was such an amazing experience and I really hope we have the opportunity to get together again like that in the future. It was a really busy week and it all went by so fast. As soon as we all arrived in LA, we immediately started practicing and arranging Read More…

My First Album: Gaming Fantasy

Gaming Fantasy - Taylor Davis

I’ve been wanting to make an album like this for so many years now, and I’m delighted that it’s finally finished! I am so passionate about this type of music, mostly because I grew up spending more time playing video games than most other things (haha), but also because I really Read More…

New Site!


Hi everyone, welcome to the new website! I’m so excited about this new site because I feel like it’s a much better representation of who I am and where I’m trying to be as a musician.  On this new site, there are a number of new features that I’d like to walk you through: Read More…