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Zelda Medley – Violin Sheet Music


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This PDF violin sheet music download of Taylor’s Zelda Medley includes all bowings and articulations as performed on my YouTube page here.  Songs in the medley include: Zelda Main Theme, Lost Woods, Zelda’s Lullaby, Song of Storms, Gerudo Valley.


  1. Francesca Bertolini


    Hi, I love your video and music, but I like to know if you sell also the music backround you used for your video. I think that it whoul be fantastic.

  2. likeazelda


    By the thanks for putting it on your shopping cart, it is really fun to play. Can’t wait for your next video

  3. likeazelda


    I am a big fan of Zelda. I am a violin player in 9th grade. It is lovely when you play it Taylor now I want to learn it too. :)

  4. Pedro Fumero


    This Sheet music is valid for guitar sure?

  5. Robert San


    Hello, is there a way i can buy this pdf in the itunes store?

  6. Kamina

    (verified owner):

    Nice take on the music. A lot better than other free sheets I have found around the internet.

  7. edlicona



  8. Samantha Kendrick


    Amazing! <3

  9. dyamondknight


    i love zelda! and i am a volin player in 7th grade. i am smart and i really want to learn the theme song of zelda! its my task.

  10. mucdong


    Zelda Medley
    Violin Sheet Music

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