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  1. eirene123 says:

    hi i love your album it is beautiful

  2. Gary says:

    Long time fan, congrads on you first album. I listen to you all the time on youtube. I took up playing the violin this year. But I’ll never be as good as you.
    I just want to say thanks for the beautiful music. And I think you’re beautiful too. Your husbands is a very lucky man.

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you Gary, I’m really glad you like my music and it’s so nice to hear that you’re trying out the violin!

  3. Takaya says:

    Hey Taylor, I think this site is a great improvement. A friend of mine introduced your violin playing to me a while back and I think it’s really good. 🙂 I’m going to play the Violin soon and I hope to be as great as you. 🙂

  4. Lond_12 says:

    Thank you for your music, you are my motivation for play the violin.You’ve ever been to Spain, giving a concert or on holiday?

    Sorry for my english.Greetings from Spain!!

  5. Duman says:

    Hey Tay! Like all I want to thank you for your violin! You’re just gorgeous! I am glad that you came across on YouTube! I very often I come to you on the channel when I’m sad or when something happens, because of what I fall into depression. In such cases, your music helps me a lot. She inspires me, I dream for her, and think only about good! And your smile … oh, it’s best moments! Always smile in response =). You are very sweet and beautiful!
    My favorite song of all is the Zelda Medley! And by the way its the first time I saw on YouTube, and, with it, and began my acquaintance with you!
    The site is just Soul Plane! And by the way congratulations on your own CD. This is a great promotion! There would be an opportunity I would love to have bought it! But alas it is not. Therefore, using the program myself doing from video mp3 (sorry for that =)). Soon, with a salary, I buy myself a mp3 player and be sure to upload your music there, so she was always there!
    I’d like to see you live! it would be just great! Hopefully in the future I will be able to collect money to fly to the U.S., and if possible I will definitely will visit you =)!
    A lot of things I want to say … The main thing keep up the good work! I look forward to your new video!
    With best wishes, Duman!
    And like all say: Greatings from Kazakhstan =)
    This is Google Translate. I hope everything is clear =).

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you for the nice message Duman! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying my music. I’m planning on playing at more live events in the future and I should be able to have videos of all of it so I will at least be able to share those on my YouTube channel if you are not able to make it in person. Thanks again!

  6. midhund says:

    Hey, I don’t remember how did I reached your page, but I feel that its a great pleasure to talk with you. I’m also a violin student and doing Grade I on this June. I like your bowing style and musics. Your sound quality and Notes are too good

    May God Bless You Dear…
    (I play in first n 3rd positions, so I think the Titanic song is in 1st n 3rd pos. If Your don’t mind just share me the sheets, So that, I can play my fav song while practicing ).

    Midhun D

    • Taylor says:

      Hi Midhun! Thanks for the nice note, I’m really glad you found my page. I hope you’re enjoying playing the violin. I actually played the Titanic song by ear so I don’t have any sheet music right now sorry!

      • midhund says:

        thanks for your reply…

        I wish you will prepare the sheets soon for your fans, I think(IMHO)its most requested sheets. If you sell it, I will purchase it.

        Because I loved the music n your play. Its sooo smooth.. There are lots of videos for that song, but every one start in E String. But you start it in D, that’s why that looks more beautiful.

        I want to practice that song and play it for my girl friend. 🙂 that’s another fact…

        thank you,
        May god bless you.

  7. I make websites myself, but I must say this is looking great! 🙂 I would love to get myself a violin while I am at base in the army, so I may just have to do that, and continue beatboxing. But, none the less, Keep up the great work!!

    • Taylor says:

      Thanks Adrian! My web designer, Antoniu, did an amazing job. I’m glad to hear you like it! That’s so cool that you beatbox, and I hope you get a chance to try the violin!

  8. oxygene2001 says:

    Awsome! It’s the only word comming in my mind when listening your music. I just bought your album and the melodies you play SO WELL makes me cry. I’m 52 years old and learning violin (now viola) only since 3 years and finding this instrument very hard to learn but you (and my teacher of course !) are inspiring me to continue! I will continue to follow your violin carreer with great pleasure!

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you so much for sharing that with me, I’m really happy to hear that you are learning the violin and find me inspiring! Thank you so much for the nice comment about my album as well, I really appreciate it 🙂

  9. Muramasa says:

    I have another questions, Tay. I would pleased if you answer, but of course, everything can, Nothing have to 😉 What kind of Job do you have? Do you have some Hobbies? What school do you come from? How do you think about a brief profile with a few general things about you? This is a fanpage and after your musical talent I would be interested in the person who carries the Violin. Nothing intimate and of course at least only, what you would like to share, but one or two things you suppose people maybe should know about you. And the question, you sure got most, how did you learn to play? You said in a former Video you were blessed with a private teacher, but how did he make you lern? Or better, what would you sugest someone with an instrument who practices at home because he has no money and tries to get a conection to his instrument?

    • Taylor says:

      Hi again 🙂 Up until a couple of months ago I was working a business job but now I am full time trying to pursue music as a means to make a living. Besides music, I really love playing video games, working out (specifically weight lifting lol), cooking, playing sports, etc. I’ve had a number of different private teachers over the years that I’ve played, and really a teacher can’t “make” you learn, they are just there to help guide you. You definitely have to put in the time to practice otherwise you won’t improve even if you have the world’s greatest teacher! If you can’t afford lessons you can still be great on the violin as long as you are willing to practice. Having a teacher really does help especially early on because they help you to avoid bad habits, but it’s not essential to make progress. I haven’t had a teacher for many years now but because I know what to listen and look out for when I’m practicing, I am still able to improve. There are also so many great websites and tutorials available now and it’s very possible to learn from those as well. I hope that helps!

  10. Hey Taylor, very glad to see you here.. First of all I would like to appreciate your musical journey. I’d become your fan when I first listened Titanic Theme music from youtube; after that it’s became my mobile ring tone and wake up alarm. I am very much sure that one day you will become the Top 1 violinist in the World. All the best for your new site and keep posting the tracks in youtube’s so that we guys can listen full length tracks without paying money 😛 Music is truth. Congrats once again.. Take care & God Bless You!

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you so much Anilkumar! That’s very nice of you to say. Lol I am trying to make a living doing music right now though, so I can’t afford to not sell my music and just post things for free, hope you understand!

  11. Wörsty says:

    Hi Taylor, very nice website. I like your music since I found it on YouTube and I follow your activities which make me smile when I see you playing and hear your songs.

    Greetings from Berlin

    (I hope you understand my english *g*)

    Take care,

  12. Muramasa says:

    I think this time, I should call you Miss Davis. You risen up since I fell about you and your music. I’ve written you a number of times and don’t want to write a novel, so I only talk about your page now. At first , my late congrats to the album you finally finished, or better said that you made it. I don’t know how long you thought about, you made it and you can proud of that. I love the esign, your page is quite cool, as the first, that was a good start. I can’t really say which was better. I have huge respect of you and your work and expect in future big things from you. Some will be easy to manage, some will bing work with it, but your talented and as far as I can say that from the presentations in your videos you seem to have a great character and a strong will. I wish only the very best for you and your family in business and private and look with pleasure onto your future.

    My high respects,


    • Taylor says:

      Hi Sascha, thank you so much for that nice message. I appreciate your kind words so much and I’m very happy to have your respect!

      • Muramasa says:

        If I may, it would be great in future if you would find a way to make several currencies valid for your shop. I forgot to say that 🙂 Here in Germany we pay in euro, so I wont get a plate of you. Further, careful asked if it is not to much, I would be pleased as a Fan if you would read my message I sent you when I heard ou first time, so long ago on Youtube. There should be thousands of messages, I know, but if I don’t mistake you can search for names there. It’s AlexanderDieFestung. I forgot that and used now enough of your valuable time:) Good luck for the E3. I made my suggestions to your request and shared your name and your new site on Facebook with my friends in hope, somebody would hear and like you. FB is far too less used for bringing culture to the people. Ok, see ya and rock on!^,^

  13. emmanuel says:

    bonjour Taylor, votre musique et celle de vos partenariat on toujours étaient agréable a écouté en boucle les chansons les plus anciennes aux plus ressentes. Je vous souhait du fond du coeur de continué tant que la musique restera pour vous un élément vital est unique dans tout votre vie.

    Pour se qui est de la langue pour m’exprimer, je préfère écrire un français à peu près correcte que de écrire un anglais pourri! pas vous?

    • Alex says:

      I try to translate the french post of emmanuel. it is something like that:
      Hello Taylor, your music are pleasant to listen. you and your partner are very good. i wish you will play music as long as it will a vital element for you. Sorry for the language i prefer write in a corect french than a pretty bad english.

  14. Alex says:

    Hey Taylor, love your stuff! I bought your CD and listen to it all the time. Just curious, are you going to have anything from your E3 experience that you can share with us? I’d love to see that! (I wish I could go see it in person.)

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you Alex, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support! They told us that they’re going to be filming our performances so I should have at least a couple of videos to share, and I’ll take lots of pictures too!

  15. Chandrashekar S says:

    Hey Taylor,

    Congrats on your new website and all the best with your next level of violin playing! .

    PS: Believe it or not i ended up with 3 for 6+2 , seriously i have to start doing some math workout.

  16. ITZCOATL_IV_XII says:

    Eres mi inspiracion para ser una mejor persona, espero te guste saber que en Mexico tambien te queremos y mas que nada que entiendas este mensaje depues lo mando en en Ingles.

  17. Alex says:

    Hello Taylor, I really like your songs, I listen it almost every day. Don’t give up,you’ve done a lot in recent weeks, and good luck for E3 😉 sorry for my bad english i’m from Quebec.

    Spam filter : 8 XD
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you Alex! I’m so glad you like my music so much 😀 Thanks for the encouragement too, it definitely helps me feel better!

  18. LaloPeregrino says:

    Hi. I´ve seen your new website and I think it is fantastic. The design is very good, I really like it.
    And I just wanted to let you know that your music is excelent and you´re a very great violinist.
    Your Friend Lalo :->

    Postscript: What does What does “6 +2” in the space that is above the comments?, lol just out of curiosity 🙂

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you so much Lalo! I’m glad you like the new site 🙂 haha that 6+2 is just a spam filter to make sure that it’s a real person commenting!

      • LaloPeregrino says:

        Ohhhh, ok thanks.Keep it up
        Postcript. Sorry for my englis bt i´m from México (Hidalgo), and i´m learning how to speak it jeje.

  19. maalin_amelyn says:

    Hi, Taylor! I seriously in love with your violin playing. Wish I could play one but my mom wouldn’t let me. 🙁 Maybe someday I could. Sometimes my friend teach me how to play the violin and it was an awesome experience. I was inspired when one of my friends sent a link to your video at Tumblr. And then I began to realise that I was in love with the tunes. You did a great job! Thanks for inspiring me! I will always pray for the best! Regards, Amalin from Malaysia.

    • Viktor says:


      I understand you very well. If there is music in you, your parents should let you play. They maybe don’t realise how much important it is. I too wanted to learn violin, but i didn’t get the opportunity. Now i’m too old (29) and it’s much more difficult to start learning violin now. Because lessons are expencive and i don’t have money because i’m jobless now. But once i will get the job, i will start learning, i hope. But i suppose, you are younger? You should talk to your mom seriously. Because if you feel that the music is in you and your heart is crying to learn and play violin and make music, then you should really start learning.

      • Amalin Husna says:

        Thanks for the advice, Viktor. I’m still working on that actually. My dad used to tell me to keep working on what you want and this is what I want! You were right then. Thanks again. 🙂 And yeah, I’m only 15.

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you for the nice words Amalin, I’m sorry that you’re unable to try the violin right now, but as you said, maybe someday you will be able to! I surely hope so, I’m sure you would be great. Thanks for all your support!

  20. Dom_Brown2406 says:

    New website is looking good Taylor! Oh and your Avengers Theme video was awesome 🙂

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