My First Album: Gaming Fantasy

I’ve been wanting to make an album like this for so many years now, and I’m delighted that it’s finally finished! I am so passionate about this type of music, mostly because I grew up spending more time playing video games than most other things (haha), but also because I really feel like this genre of music is still vastly under appreciated for how incredible it is.  One thing that  I hope for my album is that it will help this genre gain a greater appreciation from a larger audience. I’ve always told people that they don’t need to play video games, or even like gaming, in order to appreciate this music, and they’re usually very skeptical until they actually listen to it for themselves.

There were definitely times where I doubted this album would ever get finished because of how difficult it was working on this alone.  Everything on the entire album was arranged, recorded, orchestrated, and edited by me, which I’m really proud of because it was often times quite a struggle for me that I had to continuously overcome lol.  I’ve only recently started learning about all the specifics of recording, orchestration, equipment, and how to work the software necessary to create the full orchestral backtracks, and I have really enjoyed the learning process and hope to continue improving my skills in the future.

I want to sincerely thank my family, friends and fans for giving me the support necessary to pursue my passion, and for helping to encourage me when I was doubting myself.  I’m also so thankful to those people out there who post on forums to help others get through the technological barriers that come along with this type of a project because I would have truly been lost without some of  their advice!  I really hope that my album will prove to be an enjoyable listening experience for you, and I thank you again so much for your support!

**Digital album is available in my Store, as well as iTunes, Amazon,
Google Play and Zune.  Physical copy is available from CDBaby.**


  1. pepak says:

    Hi! Is it still true that “Physical copy will be available later in June from CDBaby”? I am rather looking forward to that…

    • pepak says:

      Guess my question has been answered by the change to “Physical copy is available from CDBaby.” I placed the order and will hope that the CD arrives quickly – first to CDBaby, then to me. Looking forward to hearing it!

  2. gordie141 says:

    Beautiful album Taylor. I started watching your video’s after stumbling upon you on YouTube when searching for skyrim and instantly fell for your music.
    Congratulations on the album and good luck.

  3. Lucas says:

    How can I acquire your album, An autographed One? Hehe And will you marry me?

  4. Dan Bevis says:

    Congrats on the album, Taylor – I just brought a bunch of tracks off of it!

    Thank you for dedicating your time to do this for your fans – I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to her work on YouTube, but Katethegreat19 has also done a lot of gaming covers [composed and arranged with various instruments by herself].
    She released her first original tracks album in the last year, I hope that you get the chance to do the same with your music one day soon. 🙂

    ~ Dan

  5. jbay says:

    Congratulations on the album! It’s so relaxing to listen to. Also, playing along to your music really helps me practice the violin. =)

  6. Joseph says:

    Your music on this album is gorgeous and inspiring, aflame with heart and soul! Thank you!

  7. Leana25 says:

    I am so glad that you released this album. Not only do I love the fact that its all about gaming music but also the violin, which I have come to love. This is definitely an inspiration for all us string instrument players.

  8. Donte' says:

    Your music is beautiful, never stop following your purpose. Congratulations on your voyage into a new world, I’ll be listening wherever you are. I wish you the best of luck Ms. Davis. Thank You for your gift

  9. TeDai says:

    Got the album as soon as i saw it xD Great stuff.

  10. Bliss says:

    Awesome news and congratulations. The second I have a few quid spare it’ll be the first thing I buy.

  11. Chrissy says:

    Hey Taylor, congratulations on the release of your album! I think you’re the best gaming music violinist out there and I can’t wait to hear more of your compositions! Keep up the hard work!

  12. Schönenberger says:

    C’est cool! et vous avez raison de dire qu’il ne suffi pas de jouer à des jeux vidéo pour aimais les musiques des final fantasy. 😉

  13. HollowRiku says:

    Congratulations Taylor!! Those previews sound amazing, I’ll get your album as soon as I can! *-*

    And this website looks beautiful, I love it!!

  14. Jessica Kohlgraf says:

    Hey I’ve been following you since I happened to come across your page while looking for songs on the violin,and i tell you,you are the best!I’m so glad you got this far and I’m hoping i can be something like you!

  15. Jason B says:

    I have been hoping for this but never thought it would happen because of licensing costs. Congrats, I will be purchasing.

  16. David O'Brien says:

    I know an artist is their own worst critic, and I also know how easily one can get discouraged. I’m glad you worked past the self-doubt and continue to share your musical passion with all of us. There are few who play with as much soulful feeling as you do and the violin is the perfect instrument to convey everything from the highest joy to the deepest despair, depending on what the music is meant to evoke. Any time you feel discouraged, just remember that your fans are legion and ever supportive!

  17. Jason says:


    Many warm and hearty thanks from an appreciative admirer whose formative childhood years were shaped in part by the stories, characters, and, of course, lovely music of some of video game’s greatest RPGs, including Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series (long live numbers IV, VI, VII, and IX, especially!).

    Your renditions of many of these songs are magnificent, and they’re particularly heartwarming to those of us who have a habit of becoming lost in the mists of nostalgia.

    I’ll be very happy to purchase your first album and even happier to listen to its music.



  18. JOSE says:

    eres grande te deseo lo para tu carrera sigue esforzándote que así se consiguen los sueños saludos!!!

  19. Dan says:

    You should play some lotro tunes. You should play lotro also 😀

  20. Slider Blackrose says:

    Taylor, I’m a follower on FB, and have been since the Skyrim/Morrowind theme. You do a wonderful job on that violin, and inspired me to get back to the cello after 1 years. Thanks for the music!

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